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Kingfisher Tours embraces the adventure of the Kimberley region with our luxurious and exciting tour experiences from the sub-Saharan landscapes of the Bungle Bungle Range to the sub-tropical oasis’ found between grand gorges in hues of red and orange, right out to the exquisite turquoise waters of the Northern Kimberley coast. With Kingfisher Tours, you have the opportunity to experience the uncommon beauty of these landscapes by Air, Land and Sea on our plane, 4WD and boat tours.

Kingfisher Tours have been operating for 8 years in the Kimberley and we have created unique products that allow our guests to submerge themselves in the landscape, soaking in the ancient knowledge of Kingfisher’s custodian guides who share the rich and diverse history of the Kimberley Region; the stories of the land and the Dreamtime are experiences that are not forgotten.

On our ground tours, you are welcomed to this country the Kimberley way with our local Aboriginal guides who make you known to the ancestors of the land, the traditional welcome to country, before enjoying some billy tea and freshly made damper.  Our ground tours boast local produce and some bush tucker for lunches, with local beers from Spinifex Beer (try the lemon myrtle beer!) or our fresh Mango jams and chutney’s from the local farms. Your guides will also point out local bush tucker and medicinal flora in the area.  For those of our guests indulging in our overnight packages, your accommodation will be in APT’s luxury wilderness lodges in the Bungles and on the North Coast, and we have a stunning private Lodge 20km from Kununurra or partnerships with hotel accommodation for those guests who wish to stay within the township.

Kingfisher tours are very conscious of our pristine wilderness that we live and tour in. As such we have introduced a number of initiatives to minimise the single-use plastic in the business and continue to encourage other tour operators, our partners in particular to do the same. We also aim to employ local staff from tour guides to our reservation team, so our guests will be received by a local Kimberley resident.  Our partner in the air in Kununurra is Helicopter Logistics, but don’t be confused by the name as this ex-military outfit provide Kingfisher Tours with an array of fantastic planes. Safety is paramount for both Kingfisher Tours and Helicopter Logistics and during the 15 years since the establishment of Helicopter Logistics, they have achieved a 100% safety record! Our planes are the Kodiak, a new high winged, turbo, airconditioned American touring plane, the G8 Airvan, again high winged with large windows, another touring plane, and for quick transfers between locations, we have a new Cessna 210 which is small, fast and comfortable with high wings. All of the planes have window seats only so every guest has a magnificent view!

Our partner in the air out of Broome is Air Kimberley who flies our guests directly into the Bungle Bungle and Mitchell Falls to join our ground tours.  


Kingfisher Tours is committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people. The positive of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development is a positive experience for local people; tourism companies; and tourists themselves.

Kingfisher Tours are very conscious of our pristine wilderness that we live and tour in. As such we have
introduce a number of initiatives to minimise the single-use plastic in the business, and continue to encourage other tour operators and our partners in particular to do the same.

We are all about  LOCAL  in everything we do .

Kingfisher Tours also have a probono program to help local Aboriginal Business develop in the region, if as a guest you have skills that you are happy to share, legal, financial, management or marketing please let us know and we can link you with a number of local  projects we support . Having professional links into the major cities is of enormous benefit.

Kingfisher Tours are committed to supporting the development of micro family business with our Kingfisher tours family, we are so proud to introduce our Head Guides Purnululu Bush medicine label Garinbarr Products.

Kingfisher Tours has supported our head guide Bec Sampi to establish her family business to use the healing properties of her traditional bush medicine from the Purnululu area, her own family business.

Bec will be launching the product at the beginning of the 2020 season.


David C
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We spent the day in the 4wd with Becky,she took us over many kms,telling us her tales of growing up around Wyndham and surrounds.we travelled across Ivanhoe Crossing,flocks of birds.We went to the beautiful Billabong where once again the bird life was plentiful.Becky entertained us with tales of her family fishing trips.thanks Becky we had a great day out.
Frances Hayes
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Excellent tour, well worth the money. Informative, flying over the Bungle bungles and to see the diamond mine and Lake Argyle from the air is awsome. Everyone should experience this. Marco was our pilot and he was so knowledgeable and accommodating.
Julie P
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Argyle Mine tour with Bec. We started our journey at the diversion dam then our drive out to the mine. Bec was very informative and had some interesting stories to share. Was great to visit prior to the mine closing later this year.
John Raberaba
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Absolutely fantastic day tours of the Bungle Bungles and Mitchell Falls. We spent the money to do both and it was worth every $. Bungle Bungles needs to be seen from both air and on foot to really appreciate it. Same benefit at the Mitchell including long flight that takes in the remote places found up here. Toby our pilot/guide was fantastic.
Laura Wall
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Great flight, so much to see, lots of information from pilot during flight, very friendly staff - looked after my dog for free, she was happily sitting on a lap when i got back 🙂