Ted Hall

Luridgii Tours

Ted Hall at the Argyle Diamond Mine giving a tour

Ted was born in Wyndham and raised on Lissadell station. One of the most experienced tour guides in the North East Kimberley he is passionate about his country and sharing his knowledge with you. He humbly carries on the beautiful stories of his mothers sacred country, including the totem of the Barramundi who are the guardians of the Jaliwang (Barramundi) Dreaming, with his own business Luridgii Tours. Ted is a respected Miriuwung/Gija man who is a custodian of the Argyle diamond Mine and has a mountain of cultural knowledge and the Rio Tinto facts about the processing of Diamonds and where they came from in regard to the geology of the region and his mother’s ancient dreaming stories, the two stories are woven through out everything that Ted brings to the tours and it makes you appreciate what an extraordinary place the North East Kimberley is.


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