Berkeley River Lodge


In one of the last true wilderness areas on earth, between Timor Sea sunrises and Berkeley River sunsets, the ultimate Kimberley adventure and refined indulgence await.

Australia’s most remote luxury lodge experience, only accessible by air, getting to the Berkeley is half the adventure. Leave modern life far behind and relax into the rhythms of nature in your luxurious villa floating atop the coastal dunes. Be one of the privileged few to set eyes upon breathtaking wilderness landscapes by river cruise or helicopter flight.


Pilot commentary provided via two-way headsets and ground tours led by Berkeley River staff.

To create a custom package or book a Berkeley River Lodge getaway, please contact us.

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With so many things on offer, we understand it can be a little bit of information overload, and that it’s easy to miss things. If you need a hand finding the right tour or package for you or your group, please get in touch and let’s chat. All of our staff are very knowledgeable and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Plus we love a good yarn, and could talk about the Kimberleys all day (not that we will – unless you want us too!).  


Highlight of our Gibb Road Trip
Highlight of our Gibb Road Trip
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Having the opportunity to experience the the flight from Kununurra to Mitchell Falls with Kingfisher was the highlight of our Gibb River Road trip. The flight and professionalism of the pilot and knowledge whilst pointing out points of interest, was second to none. We were luc enough to stay overnight at APT and do the Mitchel Falls and then be picked up the next day to continue our next leg of the “Big Trip around the Coast” with lunch at the mission at Kalumburu and what a lunch! Smoked Salmon and all the trimmings in a stunning green grass and shady location reeking of history and then viewing of the relics from WW2 still present was a bonus. The flight home took in the coastline and such a stunning one at that. Definitely a must on everyone’s bucket list for this tour.
A Kimberley Must Do with Bec
A Kimberley Must Do with Bec
Bungles Day Trek
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After the drive through the Gibb and on our way back to Broome, traveling to Purnululu was a must.

The landscape is extraordinarily majestic and we did a short helicopter ride showing the enormity of the park and amazing geological history. The camp areas were all excellent with plenty of room between each site.

The highlight of the visit and a must for all are the treks with Bec from Kingfisher Tours. We did the Echidna Chasm trek that included a short walk to the ridge that allowed Bec to explain her family and peoples relationship with Purnululu and included European history of the area. We then walked through the large Echidna chasm with Bec allowing us and the kids to all enjoy and learn along the way in our own time. Who knew that lying down on river rocks to watch the midday sun slowly (and then remarkably quickly) move down a large rock face would be so sublime, with Bec quietly encouraging us all to slow down and enjoy.

Bec is funny, relaxed and allows you to immerse yourself in this remarkable place. My partner did the full two day tour, flying in from Kununarra. She showed us through the Cathedral Gorge that she had spent the previous day exploring with Bec and others and was able to recount many of the incredible stories Bec told of her time growing up in there, where they slept, caught food and honey and played. It puts a profound context to visit and what is such a unique part of the Kimberley and Australia.

Don’t expect much park information about the indigenous history and their relationship to Purnululu, this was sadly (and surprisingly) lacking (unlike other areas including Geike Gorge) so the tours are an important part of understanding this amazing place. Thanks Bec and Kingfisher Tours for the great work.
Must do highlight!
Must do highlight!
K2 Purnulu and Cockburns Flight
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This scenic flight takes about 2.5 hours and was THE highlight of our two-week trip. We'd already been to Purnululu (the Bungle Bungles), down the Ord River and on Lake Argyle, and were about to head to El Questro and Home Valley station. This flight went over all these places, so was a lovely mix of the familiar (although seeing things from the air is a whole new experience) and anticipation!

Our pilot was excellent and provided the right level of commentary, also making sure that we could see from both sides of the plane.

We saw all the above, plus the Argyle Diamond Mine site, Wyndham and a lot of amazing scenery - folded landscapes, wilderness just going on and on, and the spectacular mangrove flats near Wyndham. Flying over Purnululu you realise just how vast the rocky mass is, and I have hundreds of great photos from this flight! Although I can't compare it to the heli flights at the park, I'd say that this was a fantastic way to see it!

All in all, I just can't recommend this flight enough. There was a great variety of things to see, the service was lovely (thanks for the Travacalm!) and if you do this you don't need to fly anywhere else in the East Kimberley because you will have already seen it and can laugh at the crazy expensive heli-flights you see everywhere! Excellent value ($480 p.p.) for all that we saw.
A wonderful experience
A wonderful experience
Mitchell Falls - 1 Day Tour
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We had a wonderful experience with Kingfisher Tours flying to Mitchell Plateau, walking to the Falls then a helicopter flight back. Our pilot, Marco, started the day off well by being engaged with us from the beginning. He was very calm, explained what was happening and settled our nerves. He made the 1.5 hour flight interesting, pointing out the scenery and answering all our questions. Our guide, Rosie (who is also the owner) was very knowledgeable and, having physical issues I was delighted to finish the walk thanks to her careful assistance. It took hours to walk up and a couple of minutes back in the helicopter, once again, a great experience. The trip was a real highlight and well worth doing.
The best and safest tour company in the Kimberleys
The best and safest tour company in the Kimberleys
Single Day Mitchell Falls Tour
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Mitchell Falls was a hot spot for us to visit, however at 36weeks pregnant with a toddler we thought the drive would be too difficult. Kingfisher Tours offers an easy going guided tour departing by plane from Kununurra over the Cockburn Ranges and into the Mitchell Plateau, the flight itself is a magical experience with both the guide Jayden and pilot Alex highlighting historical and geographical information along the way.

Once we landed and unloaded we share a hot cuppa before jumping into a beasty air coned 4WD that would easily seat 10 people heading for the base of the Punamii-unpuu trail. Happily greeted by the awesome staff and given a briefing for the helicopter flight back.

Each of us received a backpack filled with icy water, snacks, fruit and a devious roll for lunch — I loved how the team catered for our toddler with a ham and cheese sandwich and child appropriate snacks.

The walk was briefed at around 4.5kms and fairly moderate, I have to say I didn’t find it a strain, there were some areas where you need to watch your step — mainly wobbly rocks, however our amazing tour guide Jayden had these difficult spots covered and would jump ahead too assist. I noticed Jayden constantly asking anyone (not apart of the group) if they needed a hand, I was so impressed by his thoughtfulness. Jayden also breathed a wealth of knowledge, he was great to listen to and answered so many questions about the area, wildlife and culture.

We all including our 2 year old loved learning about the local ancient aboriginal rock paintings. We gradually moved on and explored waterholes and make our way through the tracks to Mitchell Falls.

We soon reached the falls where we set up a picnic under a shaded tree over looking the cascading water, it was flat and safe for our son to swim in little rock pools with dad, and lovely to cool off for myself.

Feeling refreshed we moved on to The Mitchell Fall lookout where we could see the 3 cascading falls, before our adventure helicopter flight back to base.

We had the best day! We cannot thank the team at Kingfisher tours enough, every stone was turned and the experience is one that we will treasure. The level of knowledge by Alex and Jayden was very impressive. THE BEST AND SAFEST TOUR COMPANY IN THE KIMBERLEYS BRAVO!