Our Team on the Ground


Rosie Sandover
Rosie Sandover

Rosie Sandover is the Director of Kingfisher Tour which has been operational for 7 years and is a multi-award-winning business in WA tourism.

Rebecca Sampi
Rebecca Sampi
Head Guide

Bec is a local Gija woman who was born and raised in the Kimberley.

Ted Hall
Ted Hall
Luridgii Tours

Ted Hall is one of the most experienced tour guides in the North East Kimberley. He is passionate about his country and sharing his knowledge with you.

Neville Poelina
Neville Poelina
Guide Trainer

Neville Poelina is a Nyikina man. Neville has lived all of his life in the Kimberley and has traditional ties through family connections right throughout the region. Aboriginal culture and society is his life.

Kolya Sampi
Kolya Sampi

Is a proud Gija man, whose country is Doon Doon , near Turkey Creek Kolya , grew up in the North East Kimberley on his mothers country of Doon Doon. 

Amelia Smoker
Amelia Smoker

Amelia grew up in the East Kimberley between Fitzroy and Kununurra before moving to Perth to work and study. With over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry, Amelia is a customer service expert. Her passion for incredible service has led her to work in many vibrant bars across Canada and North America as well as in Australia.

Les French (snr)
Les French (snr)
Guide Trainer

Les was born and raised in Kalumburu , he has been working in the tourism industry for the last 30 years. Les started Honey Moon Bay 20 odd years ago as a fishermans camp and a fishing charter boat business. Les stepped out of the business he developed and grew so his grandson Lancho (Les French junior)  could take over the business.

Iolanthe Fitzgerald
Iolanthe Fitzgerald

Iolanthe grew up between Kununurra and Perth. She has a background in community development and is passionate about the implementation of sustainable business, particularly in tourism.

About Us

Kingfisher Tours take you on tour to the most extraordinarily iconic Kimberley locations including Kununurra, Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle Range), Punamii- Uunpu (Mitchell Falls), and the Kalumburu Coast. Our tours depart from Kununurra, Broome or Darwin, flying you in to location on our fantastic planes. For those choosing full day tours, you will land on a remote airstrip where you join our local Kimberley guides, who are the custodians of the country for unbeatable ground tours.

This is a unique product in the Kimberley tourism industry as we share the rich and diverse history of the Kimberley Region; the stories of the land and the dreamtime are experiences that are not forgotten. This season we have extended time on the ground for our tours due to popular demand and feedback from 2019 and we can’t wait to experience these extended tours with you!.

Our partner in the air in Kununurra is Helilogistics. The pilots are highly trained and enthusiastic about their flying. Our planes are Cesna 210’s for the coastal tours; small, fast and comfortable with high wings so you have a clear view, or our G8 air vans that are purpose built touring planes in Australia; high winged and huge windows.

Both types of  plane have window seats for all guests as well as two-way comms, and are of course CASA approved. Our partner in the air out of Broome is King Leopold Air, and our guests can fly directly into the Bungle Bungle and Mitchell to join our ground tours. This season (2020) we are also embarking on a new partnership with Kookaburra Air from Darwin, flying into Kununurra to join our ground tours in the world heritage listed Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle Range). 

On all of our ground tours our guests participate in a welcome to country with our local Aboriginal guide before enjoying some tea and damper and heading off on the ground tour. Our ground tours boast local produce and some bush tucker for lunches, with local beers from Spinifex Beer (try our lemon myrtle Beer) or our fresh Mango jams and chutney’s from the local farms. Your guide will also point out local bush tucker and medicinal flora in the area.

For those of our guests indulging in our overnight packages, your accommodation will be in APT’s luxury wilderness lodges in the Bungles and on the North Coast. We also partner with Kununurra Country Club Resort when organising accommodation for our guests in Kununurra.

 Kingfisher tours are very conscious of our pristine wilderness that we live and tour in. As such we have introduce a number of initiatives to minimise the single use plastic in the business, and continue to encourage other tour operators, our partners in particular to do the same. We also aim to employ staff from tour guides to our reservation team, so our guests will be received by a local Kimberley resident.

Sustainable Tourism

Kingfisher Tours are committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people. The positive of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development is a positive experience for local people; tourism companies; and tourists themselves.

Kingfisher tours are very conscious of our pristine
wilderness that we live and tour in. As such we have
introduce a number of initiatives to minimise the single use
plastic in the business, and continue to encourage other
tour operators and our partners in particular to do the same.

We are all about  LOCAL  in everything we do .

Kingfisher tours also have a probono program to help local Aboriginal Business develop in the region, if as a guest you have skills that you are happy to share , legal, financial , management or marketing please let us know and we can link you with a number of local  projects we support . Having professional links into the major cities is of enormous benefit .

Kingfisher tours are committed to supporting the development of micro family business with our Kingfisher tours family, we are so proud to introduce our Head Guides Purnululu Bush medicine label

Garinbarr Products.

Kingfisher tours has supported our head guide Bec Sampi to  establish her family business to  use the healing properties of her traditional bush medicine from the Purnululu area , her own family business .

Bec will be launching the product at the beginning of the 2020 season.

Our Ground Vehicles

vehicle trooper

Our Aircraft

Our partner in the air in Kununurra is Helicopter Logistics. Helicopter Logistics operates rotary and fixed wing aircraft across the breadth of Australia with a substantial amount of their operations in remote areas, and have extensive flying experience throughout the Kimberley region.
Helicopter Logistics pilots are trained extensively in safety management procedures, and typically have 10 to 15 years of flying experience. All of the Helicopter Logistics pilots have first aid training.

Our planes are Cessna 210’s; small, fast and comfortable with high wings so you have a clear view, or our GA8 air vans that are purpose built touring planes in Australia; high winged and huge windows. View our Safety Policy HERE

The Cessna 210 offers one of the most ideal combinations of range, speed and payload for any single engine charter aircraft ever produced. Known as the “Landcruiser” of the skies, the C210 is perfect for reaching the most remote areas in the Kimberley.

This aircraft services the K1, K2, K4 and K7 Tours.

  • Speed: 270 km/hr (145 kts)
  • Seats: 5 passengers
  • Range: 700 nm

One of the newest Australian aircraft designs in general aviation, the GA8 Airvan is built in Gippsland Victoria and is perfectly suited for many types of operations including: scenic flights, passenger charters, freight, medivac, photography and search & rescue. With it’s large wheels the Airvan is the ideal aircraft for getting into and out of some of the roughest airstrips in the Kimberley outback. Easily reconfigured for freight operations with a wide loading door and flat floor the Airvan is the best choice for carriage of bulky freight.

This aircraft services the K1 and K2 Tours.

  • Speed: 220 km/hr (120 kts)
  • Seats: 7 passengers
  • Range: 570 nm


GA-8 Airvan with Pilot

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