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The Troop Carrier - Our Ground Vehicles - Kingfisher Tours WA

In Kununurra and surrounds we use Toyota Prado’s for touring comfort. These are 7 seat vehicles however we generally only take 4 pax per vehicle.

In Purnululu National Park, Mitchell River National Park and the North Coast we use Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carriers. These are designed for touring with 8 forward-facing seats for passengers.


Scenic Flight Tours around the Kimberley's and surrounds WA
Kodiak Plane - Our Vehicles - Kingfisher Tours WA The Kimberleys

Helicopter Logistics are WA’s safest air charter company that exclusively charter to Kingfisher Tours for the Kimberley tour season.

Helicopter Logistics operates rotary and fixed-wing aircraft across the breadth of Australia with a substantial amount of their operations in remote areas, and have extensive flying experience throughout the Kimberley region.

Helicopter Logistics pilots are trained extensively in safety management procedures, and typically have 10 to 15 years of flying experience. All of the Helicopter Logistics pilots have first aid training.

Our planes are Cessna 210’s; Dsmall, fast and comfortable with high wings so you have a clear view, or our GA8 air vans that are purpose-built touring planes in Australia; high winged and huge windows. The Kodiak is a US-designed touring plane, single turbo, propped, 10 seater, air conditioned luxury plane for exclusive small group touring. 

The Cessna 210 offers one of the most ideal combinations of range, speed and payload for any single engine charter aircraft ever produced. Known as the “Landcruiser” of the skies, the C210 is perfect for reaching the most remote areas in the Kimberley.

This aircraft services the K1, K2, K4 and K7 Tours.

  • Speed: 270 km/hr (145 kts)
  • Seats: 5 passengers
  • Range: 700 nm

One of the newest Australian aircraft designs in general aviation, the GA8 Airvan is built in Gippsland Victoria and is perfectly suited for many types of operations including: scenic flights, passenger charters, freight, medivac, photography and search & rescue. With it’s large wheels the Airvan is the ideal aircraft for getting into and out of some of the roughest airstrips in the Kimberley outback. Easily reconfigured for freight operations with a wide loading door and flat floor the Airvan is the best choice for the carriage of bulky freight.

This aircraft services the K1 and K2 Tours.

  • Speed: 220 km/hr (120 kts)
  • Seats: 7 passengers
  • Range: 570 nm

Our Quest Kodiak is an American utility aircraft designed and built by Quest Aircraft. It is a range rover with wings , and was designed as a bush airplane,  the Kodiak can take off and land in remote airstrips in  less that 1000feet. Perfect for Kimberley conditions. It is a single prop turbo airconditioned plane. 

The high-wing, unpressurized, single-engine turboprop has a fixed tricycle landing gear, air-conditioned and seats 9 guests.

  • Cruise speed: 322km/h
  • Seats: 9 passengers
  • Range: 2,096km


David C
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We spent the day in the 4wd with Becky,she took us over many kms,telling us her tales of growing up around Wyndham and surrounds.we travelled across Ivanhoe Crossing,flocks of birds.We went to the beautiful Billabong where once again the bird life was plentiful.Becky entertained us with tales of her family fishing trips.thanks Becky we had a great day out.
Frances Hayes
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Excellent tour, well worth the money. Informative, flying over the Bungle bungles and to see the diamond mine and Lake Argyle from the air is awsome. Everyone should experience this. Marco was our pilot and he was so knowledgeable and accommodating.
Julie P
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Argyle Mine tour with Bec. We started our journey at the diversion dam then our drive out to the mine. Bec was very informative and had some interesting stories to share. Was great to visit prior to the mine closing later this year.
John Raberaba
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Absolutely fantastic day tours of the Bungle Bungles and Mitchell Falls. We spent the money to do both and it was worth every $. Bungle Bungles needs to be seen from both air and on foot to really appreciate it. Same benefit at the Mitchell including long flight that takes in the remote places found up here. Toby our pilot/guide was fantastic.
Laura Wall
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Great flight, so much to see, lots of information from pilot during flight, very friendly staff - looked after my dog for free, she was happily sitting on a lap when i got back 🙂